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Following a GP referral to see a Neurosurgeon for back and leg pain, I received an appointment with Mr. Amit. At the first appointment, Mr. Amit introduced himself and was very thorough in his questions about my situation. The MRI results were explained clearly and the options going forward. I was very confident that choosing spinal fusion was the best option. Mr. Amit put me under no pressure when choosing my treatment, and I felt well informed of the choices.

In March I went into Woodland hospital, Kettering, to have my surgery. It went extremely well. I am now nearly pain-free following spinal fusion. The only pain left is a mild ache from the muscles repairing themselves. I was totally free of any pain in my left leg and had its full use again instantly after the surgery. The scaring is minimal considering the procedure. I have had to follow up appointments with Mr. Amit to check that it was all progressing positively after the operation and I have been reassured that it had been successful. To continue positively, Mr. Amit gave advice about how to look after the back and anything that should be avoided

I would like to thank Mr. Amit for doing the fusion for me and giving me back a good quality of life. I am forever grateful and would definitely recommend Mr. Amit to anyone considering spinal surgery.

Thank you again, L

It is exactly 6 months ago that you performed a fusion on my spine at Woodlands Hospital. I would like you to know that I am now able to lead a normal life after four years of suspected then crippling pain.

Since the operation, the pain is almost completely gone and I can do all the gardening and household jobs I enjoy. I do get some discomfort after walking a distance, but not critical pain, just a need for a short rest.

So I can not thank you enough for your advice and skill in operating and I look forward to many more years of mobility (I am 80), gardening, holidaying,
and folk dancing.

Kind Regards, P

Mr. Amit has been excellent through the course of my time with him. Taking time to explain things and also following up ensuring the understanding of what is being explained. He was very kind and understanding.

Mr. Amit was very understanding and reassuring to my position. He explained the procedure he was going to do. He saw me before to talk me through it and came back to see me after to let me know it had been a success, I am now pain-free. Thank you

I have been completely satisfied and happy with my care from Mr. Amit from the initial assessment to following up after the operation. He is a great listener and explained everything perfectly, thank you.