Current position:

Mr. Amit is a consultant neurosurgeon and a spinal surgeon. He is on the General Medical Council Specialist Register and is fellowship trained in the USA. He is trained in minimally invasive spine surgery and spinal navigation.

He has been appointed Consultant in the NHS in 2013 and has been practising in the west midlands since 2015. He has a unique 360° to spinal problems and believes in a concept of spinal wellness.

Mr. Amit has helped thousands of patients overcome their spinal disorders and return to normal level of function. He is a keen academician and a trainer.


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9-11 Jan 2017 – EANS Advanced Spine course – Strasbourg, France

15-16 Dec 2016 – Spinal cord stimulation – ECMT Course, Poitiers, France.

13-15 October 2016 – Endoscopic Spine Cadaveric Course – SMISS Las Vegas, USA

16-18 Sept 2016 – Peripheral nerve surgery Course – Copenhagen, Denmark

13-17th June 2016 – Euro Spine Diploma – Strasbourg, France

June 2014 – HF10 Specialist Cadaver Course on SCS Implant Techniques,

May 2014 – Baloon Kyphoplasty Course, Leiden

Jan 2014 – Asian Australasian Advanced Course in Paediatric Neurosurgery.

Jan 2011 – Chicago neurosurgery board review course

Nov 2010 – Cadaveric endoscopic skull base dissection course.
Guys and St.Thomas’s London

Oct 2010 – Anterior skull base dissection course. Cambridge

Dec 2007 – Albert Rhoton. Micro-neuroanatomy. RCS London

June2007 – Micro-neurosurgery course University of Zurich

Dec 2005 – Annual instructional course – Cervical Spine research society,
San Diego